Stichting Historische Cartografie van de Nederlanden

Monday, 22 April 2019 

Anecdota Cartografica

At the study of old maps many times unexpectedly phenomena which throw new light, appear, either on the card in its whole, or on certain aspects of the card which deserve more attention. Sometimes the phenomena are clearly and in true sense of the Greek word anecdote (phenomenon),  sometimes they ask closer research. To give a small example: have you ever noticed that Jacob van Deventer  has drawed in the first mathematical measured map of a Dutch district, the partition card of duchy Brabant, above Antwerp clear two covered wagons with horse and carter? Why would he have done that? It is the intention of this new heading once in the …months on the Internet site of ‘The foundation for the promotion of the historical map-making of the Netherlands’  making the interested people  attentive to what had possibly escaped them so far, to incite them to react on the data  and moreover to offer them the putting of new anecdotes on the Internet.  in these Anecdota Cartografica conceptions or views which are considered not always correct will occur or about which the opinions will differ. But this is also the intention. It could lead to a living digital discussion between the North and the south parts of the Netherlands in historically cartographic view, to which it has been lacking so far. Caert-Thresoor indeed foresees in written and by the study days in oral information, but living e-mail traffic concerning smaller subjects, as has been developed on international scene (generally in English) in maphist, can reinforce the contacts to important extent and flourish.

To see about this, Mathieu Franssen, ‘ Ducatus Brabantia boven water’, in Brabants Heem, 3, 2008, p.99.

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