Stichting Historische Cartografie van de Nederlanden

Wednesday, 24 April 2024 

About the Foundation



The Foundation Historical Cartography of the Netherlands has the following objectives:


To promote interest in historical cartography in a broad sense. To this end, we strive to be present in locations where interested people come together, such as antique fairs, cultural events and exhibitions. If asked, the foundation, from historical and / or cartographic perspectives will also advise and mediate in the creation and support of such events.



To promote historical and cartographic research. Researchers who lack resources may apply the foundation for financial support. Before a grant is given the regarding research will be judged on its substantive merits. If approved, the Board of the Foundation will determine the level of financial contribution on the basis of the application submitted budget.



In addition to promoting scientific research, the foundation also wants to stimulate more popularizing research focused on developing educational material for teaching in the broad sense and thus contribute to the preservation of an important cultural heritage.

Be a donor

These goals are only possible if sufficient funds are available. By a number of sponsors, we were able to launch the foundation and made a first step in the promotion of our objectives. Also by organizing the European map fair the foundation acquired funds. But if we want to make a real contribution to the achievement of our objectives, much more funding is needed. Therefore, we appeal to all those, who acknowledge the importance of the objectives of our foundation to make a contribution to account 8316612 in the name of the Foundation Historical Cartography of the Netherlands in Breda.
With a minimum donation of 50 euro per year the foundation provides you some advantages: regular transmission of a newsletter and invitations for by the association (co-) organized activities.