Stichting Historische Cartografie van de Nederlanden

Wednesday, 17 July 2024 

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Historical cartography of the Netherlands

Why a Foundation for historical cartography of the Netherlands?

We still lack knowledge and understanding of various aspects of cartography in and about the Netherlands. Continuously more questions raise about the historical map. Therefore, research is necessary if we at least want to find the right answers. And so we need people and money.
Fortunately, we have the department 'historical cartography’ within the Faculty of Spatial Sciences in Utrecht which acknowledge the need for this research. Because of the inspiration of the chairman of that department, ex-Prof. G. Painter, a number of non-professional lovers has established the Foundation Historical Cartography of the Netherlands. In close cooperation with the management of the department the foundation wants to realize their objectives. The defined scope of the foundation, the territory of the Netherlands, still covers a wide area, both spatial as in content.
With the Netherlands we mean the former territory of the Seventeen Provinces as formed by Charles V in 1549 as Burgundian Kreits. This means that it refers to the territory of current Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and part of the German and French border of these countries.

The cartographic view of this area is represented during the time by cartographers who lived and worked in this area, but also by cartographers who, through the often turbulent conditions, dodged to the foreign countries were they had sought refuge. In addition, foreign cartographers have produced maps of the Netherlands in the past and they are therefore of interest to our area of attention.

Also publishers and sellers of atlases played a crucial role in the distribution of cartographic documents, books and maps. In summary, we understand historical cartography of the Netherlands as cartographic documents relating to the historical territory of the former Seventeen provinces or by cartographers and publicists from outside the area.
The cartography of the Netherlands makes a major contribution to the cultural history of the Netherlands. Accurate examination of historical material provides more insight into the past and therefore provides an important contribution to the understanding of the present.
Besides the importance of research of(historical) science is it therefore of utmost importance to stress the importance of historical understanding for the present, especially for the young generation who, thanks to the current speed of life, pay too little attention to the cultural roots of the past.


What is historical cartography?

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